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PROTECH takes great pride in providing the most reliable intrusion sensors in the world. Providing reliable outdoor protection is not an easy task and in our opinion it takes a specialist. Although PROTECH provides high security indoor intrusion sensors for the military and government markets, our specialty is outdoor protection. Since we first introduced our PIRAMID outdoor dual technology sensor in 1993, we have been constantly improving and perfecting the adaptability to cope with the ever-changing outdoor environment. Our proprietary "Stereo Doppler" technology makes this possible and gives our sensors the ability to provide the highest level of security with the very lowest nuisance alarm rate possible.

Keep in mind that not all outdoor intrusion sensors are created equal. There are many new outdoor sensors introduced in the market every day, but they are not designed with our experience and expertise and are still years behind our PIRAMID Dual Technology sensors. You may be able to buy a sensor that cost less, but you won't find one that can match the reliability and false-alarm-free performance of a "PROTECH" sensor!

In your future purchases of outdoor protection, I ask you to look at the "big picture" and consider the total cost of outdoor protection. In addition to the equipment cost you must also consider the cost of installation, service, maintenance and most importantly the cost of each false alarm. With all these things considered, we sincerely hope you will decide on using PROTECH!


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