Strong Poles

Built Strong To Provide a Sturdy, Steady Security Mounting Platform

Strong Poles builds the strongest Security & Light Poles in the world.

Built out of a special Aerospace Aluminum, these security camera poles and Light Poles are designed to reduce the amount of movement and shake commonly found with many light poles.

Using Strong Poles solves a whole host of problems with using existing light poles and hose clamps for your security cameras, sensors and detectors. Whether wired or wireless, Strong Poles provide a purpose-built solution to your security installations.

We are so confident that you will get a long lifetime of rust-free life from these super strong poles, that we back them with a 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty (3 Year finish and material warranty – all warranties are limited to replacement and/or repair).

Currently, Strong Poles is building four main heights of our 4” Square Poles, and 3 main heights of our New Heavy Duty 5” Lighting & Camera Poles:

4” Classic Camera Poles:

  • 8' tall poles that are perfect for wall mounting, many other uses
  • 12' tall poles that are perfect for license plate capture, gate and pedestrian entry/exits and facial recognition
  • 16' tall poles for smaller parking lots, property perimeter and general purpose uses
  • 20' tall for large parking areas, wide area surveillance and longer distance viewing

5” Heavy Duty Lighting & Camera Poles:

  • 20' tall poles that are thicker than our 4” poles and are perfect for lighting and cameras
  • 25' tall poles for parking lots and perimeter lighting
  • 30' tall poles for taller lights and need cameras at a lower height – meets both needs perfectly

Strong Poles can be ordered with the standard fixed mounting base, or you can substitute for the Tilt-Over Pole Base that work with our 4” poles.

These innovative poles and the modular bolt-on platforms and accessories that make up this complete Security Mounting System, have a number of features that have revolutionized the mounting of security cameras and all types of security-related devices. Here are just a few of the features that have made Strong Poles the Leader in the security industry:

  • Designed by Security Installers to fit any technology – any brand – Wireless or Wired Cameras
  • Our new HD Poles work with any style of Lighting – The strongest Light Poles we make!
  • Patented “No-Welds” Technology yields more inherent strength than any other pole (35,000 psi yield strength)
  • Internal Corner Tubing Shafts molded in – for even more strength (transfers all loading into the corners)
  • Made of a unique Aerospace Aluminum (6005 T5) that results in a lighter pole, yet will support heavier loads
  • More Rigidity – Less Camera Shake in high winds
  • All Attachments and Lighting Tenons are also aluminum
  • Baseplates utilize a 356 Aluminum Alloy that exceeds the Maximum Pole Loading -Unequaled Longevity
  • Tilt-Over Baseplates (for 4” poles only) with the same features are also available
  • Each Strong Pole comes with a Handhole opening for making connections to Power and any other topology, such as Coax, Cat5/6, Wifi, Fiber, etc.
  • Gasketed Handhole Cover fastened with Stainless Steel screws – No additional reinforcing is required
  • All internal fasteners are JS-500 Plated and are 500 Hour Salt Spray Tested – All External Fasteners are Stainless Steel
  • Each Strong Pole is pre-treated before anodizing and powder coating with a unique Four Stage Chromate Conversion process that smooths and etches the surface
  • Excellent Weather Resistance – No Rusting – Amazing 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty
  • Strong Poles are designed to need minimal maintenance In coastal and salt air environments
    our 'Minimum Maintenance' designs, fabrication and finishes provide maximum protection from defects and corrosion
  • Completely flat 4” and 5” wide faces makes mounting Cameras, Infrared Lamps, Motion Detectors and any other devices quick and easy – and since the strength of these poles is in the corners, drilling multiple access and bolt holes can be accomplished without worry
  • Optional Pre-Built Anchor Cage with all hardware and replaceable mounting studs – includes hot-dipped galvanized anchor cage with pre-installed positioning plate, washers and hex nuts

Strong Poles New 5” Heavy Duty Light Poles have quickly become the Industry Standard for Parking Lots, medical Facilities, Schools and Colleges, as well as Apartment and Convenience Stores.


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